1. albrecht mueller

    I am a beekeeper in South Germany. I am very interested in details of the honey bee. I am happy that I could find this page and I will purchase the book. You are giving a fascinating view to the biology of the honey bee. Thank you for this.

  2. Therese McCarthy

    Love the book. Great videos. Keep me on your list please!

  3. Mary Hyland

    Fascinated by this site and will refer to it regularly!
    Thank you for posting it.

  4. Antonio Butkovic

    I just prepare myself for exam. Thank you so much. Best regards from Croatia !

  5. LI Zhaoying

    Thank you very much for showing us so much of your work.

  6. don coats, DVM

    Could you possibly comment on pictures of normal and suspect diseased tissue?
    I’m trying to develop skills and simple technique using different stains and necropsy to find tags for disease or poor health in honey bees.

    thanks, don coats

  7. Therese McCarthy

    I am making your website my home page. Wonderful in every way!

  8. Ken Tait

    Thank you for this very helpful and informative resource. Your book and the accompanying video pieces could become a great addition to our association education programme, for the greater benefit of bees and beekeeping.
    Thank you for all your work and effort on behalf of many student beekeepers.

  9. Heidi Herrmann

    Thank you! What an amazing site and fantastic ressource to make available to others. The videos are beautiful, and I shall watch them often. If you were ever minded to delve into the intestinal system I would be most interested.
    thank you for this great contribution to enhancing our knowledge and appreciation of the beautiful unique bees!


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